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Say it nicely…

When I read a Scandi-crime novel, since I don't have the first clue about how to pronounce the characters' names, I have my own way of saying them that I make sure never, ever leaves my head. Just in case you fancy impressing everyone with your Catalan, here's a quick crib sheet on how to pronounce the names of the people that appear in the stories. The bits in block capitals are the syllable where the stress lies. If you need more practice, just keep reading the books – you'll get it.

Mossos d'Esquadra – MOSS-ooze / de-SKWA-threr (th as in the)

Elisenda Domènech – ellie-ZEN-der / doo-MEN-erck

Àlex Albiol – Alex / al-BEE-ol

Pau Yáñez– Pow / YANN-yeth

Montse Cornellà – MONT-say / cor-nail-YA

Josep Capdevila – joo-SEP / cap-der-VEE-ler

Xavier Puigventós – cher-vee-YAY / poodge-ven-TOZ

Narcís Pijaume – nar-CEASE / pea-JOW-mer

Roger Micaló – roo-JHAY / mee-ka-LO (o as in orange)

Francesc Paredes – frun-SESK / purr-ETH-ez (TH as in the)

Legal lot

Laura Puigmal – LAO-ra / poodge-MALL

Gerard Bellsolà – Gerard / beyl-soo-LA

Jutgessa Roca – joot-JESS-er / rocker

Albert Riera – al-BAIRT / ree-ERROR


Catalina Domènech – Catalina / doo-MEN-erck

Sergi Casals – sair-JHEE / cuh-ZALZ

Neus Ametller – NEH-OOS (really quickly, like one sound) / am-er-LYAY

Enric Domènech – ern-REEK / doo-MEN-erck

Other assorted fauna

Siset – see-ZET

Xiscu – CHEE-skoo

Xarlu – CHAR-loo

Joaquim Masó – jhoo-er-KEEM / muh-SO (o as in orange)

Mossèn Viladrau – moo-SEN / vee-la-DROW

Mònica Ferrer – Monica / fur-RAY

Ignasi Perafita – eeg-NASS-see / perrer-FEE-ter

Pere Corominas – PEAR-a / coo-roo-MEE-nurse

Antoni Sunyer – un-TONN-ee / soo-NYAY

Roser Caselles – roo-ZEH / ker-SELL-yerz

Octavi Marsans – oc-TA-vee / mar-SANZ

Aurora Torrent – ow-ROAR-er / too-WREN

Carles Queralt – CAR-less / care-AL