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The People You Meet

Girona is populated by some lovely people, I've just added a few more, some of them lovely, others not so much. These are the ones you'll get to know in the stories. Keep coming back as I'll be adding more. For now, these are the members of Elisenda's Serious Crime Unit.

The Mossos d'Esquadra Serious Crime Unit

Elisenda Domènech

A Girona native and head of the newly-formed unit, she is among the first wave of women to reach the rank of sotsinspectora. She studied law, first in Girona and then in Barcelona, but grew disillusioned with the profession, choosing instead to take on crime from the police side of the divide. Irreverent and sharp-witted, her once innate sense of pleasure at life lies hidden beneath a loneliness and grief at the loss of her daughter and tempered by the guilt she feels any time happiness briefly enters her life. She punishes herself by running through the steep streets of the old city, a pastime she hates.

Àlex Albiol

Elisenda's second-in-command and a loose cannon, but one she needs to help her get away with the tricks she can no longer pull. Posted to Girona from Barcelona, he lives in a modern-ish suburb with his journalist wife and two young sons and is still getting used to life in a less sprawling city. We can all be grateful he's on the side of the angels as he combines a particular sense of justice with an impulsive streak and a taste for risk. Elisenda would call him a charming bastard.

Pau Yáñez

Born in Girona to Andalusian immigrants, he feels he stands between the two cultures but doesn't fully belong in either: that's why he tries harder. He changed his name from the Spanish Pablo to the Catalan Pau to show where his heart lay and to feel a greater sense of belonging after being brought up 'a hybrid', as he calls himself. An off-the-wall thinker, he has one of those minds that can head off down paths that no one else sees and join concepts together in unique combinations.

Montse Cornellà

Another Girona native, she's more of a determined and competitive runner than Elisenda, having won local races and marathons. Very disciplined and focused, and with an ability perhaps second only to Pau's and Elisenda's to think laterally, she's set to rise through the ranks, although she'd find the idea of leaving her beloved Girona hard to contemplate, even for the sake of her career.

Josep Capdevila

Another outsider, he's from Hospitalet, a working-class satellite city of Barcelona, on his first posting away from his home town. He finds Girona perhaps a bit too small, and naturally tends towards gloominess: his habit of stooping his shoulders to hide his height gives him a hangdog air. More organised than he gives himself credit for, he's not yet aware that living outside his comfort zone is working wonders for his outlook on life.

Manel Moliné

The newest addition to Elisenda’s team, he seems to be under the impression that the best way to get accepted by the unit is to batter his way in. Broad and bulky like a bear, he swats around with his mighty paws and puts the other team members’ backs up with his bluntness. Elisenda believes in him, though, and is sure the others will eventually join her in seeing a more thoughtful side peer through his bluff veneer.